Ellis County Sewage Sludge Users

Why do Ellis County Farmers/Ranchers allow Tarrant & Dallas Toxic Sewage Sludge to be dumped on their land?

Because it’s free, AND they’ve been led to BELIEVE it’s safe.

But the truth is: It’s neither free or safe.

In fact, it’s scary dangerous! If farmers/ranchers knew the truth they would run for their lives (and the lives of their children).

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) The Trinity River Authority (TRA) and the company who dumps this sewage sludge, Renda, wants you to believe sewage sludge is 100% safe for the environment. It is NOT. Municipial sewage sludge can KILL you.

According to Webster, “safe” mean “without risk”.

TCEQ talks about two types of Sewage sludge: Class A & B. Both types pose considerable risk to farmers/ranchers and Ellis County Citizens, but farmers, ranchers and the public simply aren’t being told the truth about the dangerous contents in sewage sludge. Now the TCEQ proposes an AB sewage sludge. The TCEQ can not even control A and B much less AB, A and B.

No laws exist and no one makes TCEQ, Trinity River Authority or Renda fully disclose what is in sewage sludge like many other publicly used mixtures, so they’ve created the perfect storm for municipalities, farmers and ranchers by dumping sewage sludge under the disguise of “safe”, “free” fertilizer. If they told the whole truth they would have to pay fees to dispose of this toxic waste responsibly.

Here is some double talk from the TRA on their process:

"An innovative odor-control program involving the collection, chemical stabilization, transportation and introduction of odorous gases into either the bioscrubbers or biofilters for biological treatment."

It is not working!

If this scares you or makes you mad, please consider joining our fight to stop this dangerous problem.

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The Definition of Safe is NO RISK!