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When you file a complaint with the TCEQ it takes 3 months for them to process the complaint. Even after an investigation they come back with "no violation". Even if there is a violation, Renda will still be back the next year dumping.

Read for yourself.

Dr. Caroline Snyder has a Harvard Ph.D. and is a emeritus professor of the Rochester Institute of Technology

See what she says.

Cattle on Sewage Sludge

Risky or Safe

The Farmer/Rancher are only told sewage sludge is "benifical and safe".

They have no idea what they are doing to their land. All they can see is money.

This plays right into the hands of Municipalities, The Ft Worth, and Renda.

For those who do not recognize this: it is used feminine tampon and pads found in a hay bale bought by a Ellis Citizen in Midlothian. Rolled by a hay grower off Singleton Rd South of Midlothian that uses sewage sludge Class A produced by the Trinity River Authority.

This is not the first time used products like this have been found in top applied sewage sludge.

The Trinity River Authority (TRA) boast of its award winning processes. Here is just some of what the TRA claims:

"CRWS is capable of providing complete treatment for monthly average flows of 162 million gallons per day and removes 99 percent of conventional pollutants from raw wastewater. The treatment system can handle daily maximum flows of 335 MGD and a two-hour peak flow maximum of 405 MGD. CRWS also has the mechanical dewatering capability of processing 232 dry tons of sludge daily, and all of this material is beneficially applied as biosolids to more than 15,000 acres in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex."(Ellis County)

Care to guess where the 99% of the polution goes? That is right, to Ellis County dumped on top of the ground. Just imagine treating pure polution to make it safe. Do you see any risk?

Safe = no risk! There is no process that will clean sewage sludge of its pollution. It is dangerous and it will continue to increase in danger as cities grow.

No one is Safe!

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