SSAN & Carolina Concerned Citizens 06/11/14

Nancy writes:

Several years ago, I conducted an investigation (I was a forensic accountant for over 20 years) on where the money went that Congress allocated for EPA research. I found out that the majority of the funding went to Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) for industry supervised research---not independent research on the impact of land application of sewage sludge. When I talked to the D.C. EPA Office of Water and Research, they had only received enough funding to pay for salaries, facilities, maintenance and only $750,000 to use for enforcement for the entire program across the US. The same was true for the EPA Cincinnati Research Laboratory. The OWR Director was totally pissed when I told him how many millions went to WERF, and when I tried to reach him again, he was no longer in that office---so apparently he had raised a stink and was shuffled somewhere else so his voice could not be heard.

Independent researchers like Drs. Lewis and Steve Wing of UNC School of Public Health are examples of what happens when you try to tell truth to power. Yes, millions of dollars of our money goes to WERF-the lobbying/research arm of the sludge industry/municipal waste facilities to keep telling lies about the "safety" of sewage sludge. Read Dr. Wing's editorial to the American Assoc. University Professors, "When Research Turns to Sludge." Just google his name and the paper title--it is online. The EPA has never conducted a human health study as promised in 1993 (6 studies were to be done within 5 years). Whatever comes out of the state sludge facilitators is total B/S--and they cannot prove that sewage sludge is safe to humans or animals because there has never been a study to find out--nor was there ever a scientific basis for the implementation of the program!

Just as we support oil and gas companies with corporate "welfare" with billions of our tax dollars, we also are supporting a program that is scientifically invalid and quite frankly--illegal. Dr. Gofman, now a departed hero had this to say:

Dr. John Gofman, MD, PhD; UC-Berkeley perhaps states my concerns best: "If you pollute when you DO NOT KNOW if there is any safe dose (threshold), you are performing improper experimentation on people without their informed consent......If you pollute when you DO KNOW that there is no safe dose with respect to causing extra cases of deadly cancers or disease, then you are committing premeditated random murder." Dr. Gofman was a UC Berkeley molecular biologist and physician. Strong words---and appropriate today from all our unknown environmental toxins.

SSAN and Carolina Concerned Citizens

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