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Date / /2014

Location City, TX

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TCEQ Commissioner Baker.

If you do not act this can happen to you too.

The pdf "email from the TCEQ" is related to the pile and pictures on this page. Ellis County Citizens in Milford have been dumped on twice this year 2014.

Here is the email response from the TCEQ to Peggy and Anna's complaint. Note: total disregard for allowing cattle to forage on sewage sludge. All the picture below were taken in the last two week 05/2014 with the exception of the bottom picture which was taken in January 2014.

TCEQ Guide for an Odor Complaint

For your complaint to be valid by TCEQ standards we have just been told 05/21/2014 you must fill out , a TCEQ written statement form and a TCEQ odor log.

Although this seems like a lot of work to file a complaint, it is important that we send these if you can.

Otherwise send an email.

You will find the Odor Complaint form to be outdated and may cause you to take off from work just to fill it out.

If you feel it is too much trouble use the online form:


Send an email to the list on the left of this screen.

Let them know how you feel.

This is not a pile of dirt. This is a pile of Tarrant & Dallas sewage sludge in Milford.

Produced by the Trinity River Authority

Dumped by


Sewage Slingers

Trinity River Authority claims "all biosolids are held on site 24 hours for additional testing." Their tests are minimal. They are only required by US EPA code of federal regulation to test for and limit arsenic, cadmium, copper, chromium, lead, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, zinc and fecal coliform. I said limit. PFAS and 86,000 other chemicals found in sewage are not a requirement. If you think fecal coliform is the only bacteria and virus found in sewage you need to read more.