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Cattle Foraging on

top applied sewage sludge south of Midlothian

next to hundreds of homes

Dumping in Ellis County Flood Zones

Sewage Sludge

 Renda trucks tearing up Ellis County

roads and tracking sewage sludge

New Study Found More Drugs in Our Drinking Water Than Anybody Knew

And no one's doing anything about it. Top applied Sewage Sludge!

Runoff coming from a field of

top applied sewage sludge

onto adjoining property.

Fish Kill from runoff

of top applied sewage sludge

south of Midlothian


Look up prion on the internet. It is a type of misfolded protein that cannot be destroyed by the current methods that treat sludge. It is found in tissue, blood, saliva of animals infected with JC disease but also in human beings with Alzheimer's Disease and other neurotoxic diseases. One researcher said it concentrates in sewage sludge which is an important exposure route to other animals and humans.

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