The TCEQ Refuses to inforce New Regulations

Ft Worth and Renda dumping in a Rainstorm 11/04/2014 10:45am

Who is watching the TCEQ?

Millions of tons of Class B and unprocessed sewage sludge the TCEQ allowed to be dumped on Sierra Blanca, like Shaw’s statement on smog in Houston, like the TCEQ allowing a “experimental permit” to allow the City of Lacoste to inject grease and grit trap waste into bio solids so they can call it “safe” and dump it on farms, like the TCEQ refusing to address EPA’s Office of Inspector General’s report No. 14-P-0363 on industrial hazardous chemicals in sewage sludge being dumped on farms without their knowledge-

The TCEQ is now in the process of approving a permit that would allow foreign toxic waste on Texas soil. (see attached)

For the health of Texans, prudence dictates that a TCEQ audit/investigation be made specifically looking into Commissioner Shaw, Baker and Hyde’s actions. The jury is still out on Commissioner Niermann.

Does Governor Abbott know or is he part of the scheme.

These appointed officials are doing the opposite of their job.

TCEQ Sites Renda