Actually, the Trinity River Authority's (TRA) Singleton plant ("TRA's Central Regional Wastewater System began operations in December of 1959 as the first regional facility of its kind, serving Irving, Grand Prairie and Farmers Branch, plus a portion of western Dallas. The system has since expanded to serve all or part of 21 contracting parties and approximately 3 million people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.”

So Ellis County gets the combined industrial, medical, storm and human sewage waste which is condensed into sewage sludge from 3,000,000 people.

Why are we so lucky? As it turns out Ellis County has been the dumping ground for Tarrant and Dallas County for decades.

BUT enough is enough. Our population is growing at an alarming rate. Ellis has an estimated population of 163,632 and growing every day. Reason being most of the area north of Dallas has been bought up.

The EPA spent millions of our tax money marketing biosolid. Biosolids is a user friendly name thought up by the sewage industry in the 90s. Reality is “biosolids” is nothing more than sewage sludge that has had limited processing and even less testing and is the most contaminated substance on planet Earth.

Nothing is free. There is a cost to the farmers / ranchers land and the public at large who depends on cattle and produce. Trinity River Authority will tell you they do a great job cleaning sewage waste and then returning "crystal clear clean and "safe" effluent" to the Trinity River. Have you ever driven south on Loop 12 pass the Singleton plant and seen foam coming down the river from said plant? We have.

What would be funny if not such a tragedy is the TRA sending the waste by-product, sewage sludge, down to adjacent counties and applying millions of tons a year to the top of the land. These would be the counties where the runoff in flood zone and pastures go right into the same water Ft Worth and Dallas drink. It reminds us of the word STUPID.

A recent study from Arlington showed pharmaceuticals in tap water. http://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/pharmawater_site/

Ft Worth, The Trinity River Authority

and Renda are Partners in BS

The Trinity River Authority (TRA) Deceiving Propaganda

This is an excerpt from TRA News Letter “The future of Biosolids 2017” where TRA’s General Manager, Kevin Ward, clearly sticks his foot in his mouth many times.


First thing we noticed is the” rule of large numbers” ONE medical chemical is given for their example.

“Multiple Studies” What studies? Look how they use one medical chemical to make ridicules point “Tylenol” “prescription antibiotics” and “anti-microbial agents”. Read the “Environ Sci Technol” on this page. I could not put it better.

The point here is there is not just one medical chemical being broadcasted into the environment. All of them are after they have been mixed together with the other nearly 80,000 plus chemical and compounds found in sewage and for the last 22 years. The TRA would have you believe there is no such thing as accumulations.

One other note is TRA leaves out industrial chemicals by design. This is every sewage plant’s Achilles heel. Why? They cannot reduce these chemicals though any process and they know it nor could they afford to test for all of them. Read the U.S. Office of Inspector General Report No 14-p-0363 which the TRA will tell you they are not responsible for nor will they answer any question about.

Ward also makes the statement on the process to produce effluent “The next product is a crystal clean and safe effluent water that is discharged according to permit into the Trinity River”

To the average citizen this is just what you want to hear. However the key word in this is “according to permit.” The TRA sorta leaves out the fact these regulatory permits were made from research done by the US EPA in 1970-80 and in no way apply to today’s sewage contamination and chemical composition. There is NO current research that show what they put out in the river or on farm by biosolids is “safe.”

See the word “safe.” If you get the chance ask TRA what the definition is of “safe.” You and I think it means free from RISK! It does not!

Nearly all chronic diseases result from the cumulative effects of long-term exposure to low levels of environmental contaminants and pollutants, and our air, soil, food and water, which are essential resources that assure the sustainability of human and other life forms, must be protected and preserved at all cost

The new TRA multi-billion dollar smoke screen that will not change the chemical composition of their biosolids but will give them additional propaganda to market with.

Do not be fooled.

Site Where the New Waxahachie High School set

This are used feminine products found in a bale of hay from the TRA's safe biosolids at the time was call Class A

TRA's Illegal sewage sludge dump site found off I 35 in Milford